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Company members

More than 250 companies from the ceramic industry and related sectors in Germany and abroad are members of the German Ceramic Society (DKG). Thus, the DKG is the largest technical and scientific ceramic organisation (in Germany) and Europe.
Manufacturers and suppliers of chemical raw materials, being members of the DKG.
Companies specialized in products from the refractory industry
Chemical and technological additives, auxiliary substances and abrasives
Carbon is becoming an increasingly important material in the field of ceramics, being used for intensification or functionalization.
Manufacturers and suppliers of machinery and equipment for the ceramic industry.
Manufacturers of measurement technology and metering devices for the ceramic industry and related sectors.
Manufacturers of industrial furnaces, geared especially for technological requirements of the ceramic industry.
Everyday ceramics are mostly silicate ceramics: Manufacturer of household ceramics.
Suppliers and producers of raw materials containing silicates for pottery, but also for technological ceramics.
Companies developing special solutions in the field of technological ceramics.
Other members from different areas of ceramic or adjacent disciplines.

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