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Goals and Tasks of the DKG

An industrial sector can only seize all chances of technical and scientific development by a constant exchange of ideas between all creative minds in practice, in science and teaching alike. It can only hold its ground in global competition by solving problems cooperatively.

Following this line of thought, the DKG aims for the enhancement and the promotion of the entire ceramic sector in technical, scientific and artistic terms. In the past 100 years the DKG managed to solve the majority of its members’ problems associated with material and production. The society thus contributes largely to the provision of a reliable working basis, from which particular entrepreneurial activities can evolve.


Because the (German) association is organized very diversely by different materials, the DKG attends to quite a number of functions and tasks:

  • It functions as contact point between practice and science, but also between the training establishments, the ceramic industry and all related areas of scientific interest.
  •  It helps promote ceramic research, development and teaching (see also FDKG e.V.).
  •  It serves as discussion forum for the ceramic industry, the manual trades and all related technical-scientific areas, dealing with questions of research, development and teaching.
  • It attends to the documentation and publication of scientific results and the dissemination of newly gained specialist and practical knowledge to all members.
  • It attends to the further development and application of new ceramic materials and products at home and abroad.
  • It helps to plan, coordinate and organize seminars, training measures, symposiums and conferences, and to publish accompanying specialized literature.
  • It promotes ceramic art.

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