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International Sodium Battery Symposium, Germany

Sodium batteries are the most promising low-cost alternative to Lithium cells. Exchange of ideas in this field is crucial for joint progress and public visibility. It is a great pleasure to invite you to the 2nd International Sodium Battery Symposium (SBS2) to be held in Dresden – the scientific, economic and cultural center of Saxony and one of the most beautiful cities of Germany.
Veranstaltungsart Kongress / Tagung
Dresden, Germany
Winterbergstr. 28
D - 01277 Dresden
Veranstalter Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS
Termine 13.01. - 14.01.2021
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International Sodium Battery Symposium

The symposium will cover all aspects of Na based batteries, from fundamentals and active materials through cell concepts up to systems, testing, markets and applications. Incumbent technologies, such as ceramic Na batteries, as well as novel concepts based on low-temperature Na-ion conducting materials and electrodes will be discussed. Also, applications and markets of Na batteries, based on their unique profile and operating parameters, will be addressed.

The SBS2 intendeds to build a community around Na batteries and to enable an open exchange of information on current scientific results, research interests and market requirements as well as to encourage future partnerships. Scientists, engineers and managers are invited to report on their results, developments and future prospects or display their products and services as an exhibitor. Together with the members of the scientific and organizing committees, we look forward to meeting you in Dresden.


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