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Research and Development

Research, innovation, and only a permanent development ensures the global competitiveness of each industry. For this reason, the DKG promotes the solution of fundamental problems that affect the entire ceramics science and related fields.
  • The DKG has its own research association, the Forschungsgemeinschaft der Deutschen Keramischen Gesellschaft e.V. (FDKG), implementing all research activities.
  • For the DKG as the largest ceramic organization in Europe, the industrial/practical community research (IGF) is the determinant part of the research activities.
  • Irrespectively, the association also participates in other projects dealing with ceramic basic research.
  • Besides, professional seminars give information about the current state of research inside the DKG-committees and -workshops and promote the exchange of future developments in the ceramic industry.
  • The results of the community research may be published as scientific essays in the international ceramic trade journal, the „Journal of Ceramic Sciences and Technology“, which is co-published by the DKG. Results may also be published in the technology- as well as practically-oriented DKG association journal (cfi/Ber.der DKG).
The DKG pools the interests of all its members and represents them by participating actively in different committees
The DKG expert panels offer a platform for professional for exchange and cooperation in all fields of ceramic science, research, education and industry.
For more than 50 years, DKG guidelines and fact sheets provide experiences and results of ceramic science and technology.
The DKG cooperates with many national and international companies as well as with technical and scientific research communities .

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