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Education and training

The DKG works as a contact point between practice, training, research and the industry. By organizing meetings, trade fairs, symposia and seminars, the association supports its members in further training, networking and interdisciplinary dialogue.
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  • The high number of institutional DKG members, also from neighbouring disciplines, reflect the broad spectrum of ceramics and contribute to professional exchange and networking.
  • The DKG membership is part of a worldwide network, including the European Ceramic Society, the American Ceramic Society, the Associação Brasileira do Cerâmica and the Indian Ceramic Society. This way, the DKG participates in an international discourse of industry, science and training.
  • By organizing symposia, expert meetings and training events, the DKG is an active contributor to the exchange of expert knowledge and (further) training for its members.


The trade journals of the DKG

  • By co-editing two trade journals, the DKG contributes to the transfer of expert knowledge in the ceramic society. The association journal „cfi Ceramic Forum International – Ber.der DKG“ focuses on the ceramic producing industry and related fields, also dealing with products, metals and recent application development.
  • By distributing a scientific magazine named Journal of Ceramic Science and Technology, the DKG disseminates top-ranking scientific contributions to the international ceramic research debates.
  • The DKG supports as co-editor the loose-leaf-collection Technical Ceramic Materials, which is a comprehensive fundamental guide for users and manufacturers of technical ceramics.


Promotion of Young Talent and Further Training

  • By the DKG student promotion, interested young talents are being introduced to the ceramic industry at an early stage. The DKG also promotes cooperations between scientific facilities and industrial companies, so training and practice work together closely.

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