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Since the first academic chair for ceramics was founded in 1921 in Berlin - as an initiative of the German Ceramic Society - the science of ceramics is a fixed component of the material-scientific research at German universities and institutes. Traditionally, many members of the DKG are individual institutions.

Currently, about 30 universities, specialized schools, vocational schools and other educational establishments are members of the DKG. By regular exchange of knowledge, for example in application-oriented research projects, impulses originate from the most varied professional areas and accelerate the development of new products. These procedures may also lead to new challenges for scientific research.

The DKG supports this process, for example by mediating between industry and science. This form of networking may lead to cooperative research projects, which will then be additionally promoted by funding.


Members of the DKG

Chemically Technical University in Prague
Institute for glas and ceramics

University of Applied Sciences, Jena

University of Applied Sciences,Koblenz
Friends of the colleges and technical schools for ceramic e. V.

University of Applied Sciences,Osnabrück
Library Westerberg

Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen-Nürnberg
Department of Mineralogy

Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena
Institute of Materials Science and Materials Technology

Technical University Georg Simon Ohm, Nürnberg
Faculty of Materials Engineering

Montanuniversität Leoben
Department of Structural and Functional Ceramics - ISFK

RWTH Aachen University
Institute of Mineral Engineering - GHI
Institute for Materials Applications in Mechanical Engineering - IWM
Department of Surface Engineering - IOT

Freiberg Technical University
Institute of Ceramics, Glass and Construction Materials

Berlin Technische Universität
Institute of Materials Science and Technologies of Ceramic Materials
University Library

Braunschweig Technical University
Institute for Machine Tools and Production Engineering - IWF

Clausthal Technical University
Institute of Nonmetallic Materials - INW
Institute of Polymer Materials and Polymer Technology - PUK

Darmstadt Technical University
Department of Materials Sciences ans Disperse Solids

Dresden Technical University
Institute for Energy Technology, VWS Department
Institute for Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology - ILK

Wien Technical University
Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics

Bayreuth University
Department of Ceramic Materials

University of the Saarland
Department of Powder Technology for Glass and Ceramics

Karlsruhe Technical University
Institute for Ceramics in Mechanical Engineering - IKM
Institute of Electronic Materials - IWE
Institute of Materials Science II - IWK2

Stuttgart University
Institute for Manufacturing Technologies of Ceramic Components - IFKB

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