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Benefits of an institutional membership for companies, institutions and associations

The institutional membership entails numerous advantages for companies, institutions and associations, of which all employees and members benefit.

A DKG-membership helps expand your internet presence, you will have access to a contact forum so you can easily get in touch with other DKG-members, you will profit from favourable prizes for job advertisements and exclusive access to contents and publications of the DKG.

The membership is especially interesting for institutions from a technological, scientific or artistic ceramic area and for institutions of associated sectors.


Your advantages as an institutional member (some examples):

  • The DKG trade journal cfi/Ber.der DKG: Our trade journal cfi/Ber.der DKG appears in 8-10 issues each year. The technical-scientific journal is co-published by the DKG and the Goeller publishing house. Thematic focus lies on application-oriented products and materials for the ceramic industry and its supply sector. The journal also informs our members about upcoming DKG-events.
  • Free portrait of your company or institution on the DKG-website: Members are invited to create a portrait of their company or institution and to publish it for free on the DKG-webpage (via link).
  • Use of the DKG job market: Intitutional members may place job ads on 250 related online platforms at reduced prizes. This way, they reach more than 60 per cent of all potential online applicants with just one ad. Institutional members do not pay the regular 250€ for a single job ad in the DKG job market. We only charge a 50€ handling fee, plus 19 per cent tax.
  • Publications of the DKG: To get access to the DKG publications on our server, members also pay less. Publications include for example the handbook „Technical Ceramic Materials“, but also the reports of the expert committees of the DKG.
  • Competence database ceramics: All DKG member companies are represented in the competence database ceramics. This database allows your customers a simplified search for specific service providers or products.
  • Events and Fairs: The employees of our member companies and institutions benefit from special conditions at all events and fairs that the DKG organizes or co-organizes: These are for example the DKG annual meeting, numerous training seminars, symposiums and important fairs, such as the Ceramitec at Hannover fairgrounds.
  • Exclusive access to the DKG knowledge base: On the association’s website, exclusive contents, like abstracts or working materials from the DKG’s congresses, are being provided. These contents are in general only accessible to members.
  • Representation of the members’ interests: The DKG functions as a contact point between science and practice, teaching and industry. The association sees itself as an information center for specialized knowledge in the ceramic field and as a discussion forum for its members. At political and association level, it represents important partial subjects, generally affecting interests of the whole of the ceramic industry.
  • Customer mediations by the DKG: If desired, the DKG specifically notifies its members in case of product inquiries. It establishes contact to potential customers, if these need products or services corresponding with the portfolio of the member company.

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