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The DKG in 2018

In its strategy meetings 2013/14, the executive board has developed a future model for the DKG that aims to be concluded by 2018. The realization of all goals is being observed regularly by an independent steering committee.

In 2018, the DKG wants to be:

  • The leading European ceramic society in the areas of technology, science, research and teaching: The DKG positions itself as trendsetter for ceramics in technology and supports ceramic arts and aesthetics. The DKG sets standards.
  • The representative of ceramics in the network of associations for technology, science, research, development and teaching: The DKG puts its stamp on the networks of ceramic societies by the promotion of innovation and public awareness. It sets itself visible goals and offers perspectives.
  • The ceramic research portal for cooperative industrial research: The DKG organizes in cooperation with the research community of the German Ceramic Society (FDKG) the linkage between industrial requirements and scientific development of materials and methods.
  • The body of knowledge transfer for its members and relevant stakeholders: The DKG is provider of innovative and systematic further training and presents scientific development in publicly effective meetings, forums and conferences.
  • An association with a clear focus and a transparent structure: The DKG integrates all interests of its members, whether they come from the area of application-oriented research or from the industry, and provides a platform for them.

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