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Awards and Distinctions of the DKG

The German Ceramic Society confers a variety of distinctions to honor deserving members and persons who have achieved special merits for ceramics.

Honors are always based on a suggestion of the management board. They are awarded on special occasions, for reasons of personal achievements in the voluntary DKG work, outstanding scientific achievements in ceramics or in the related industries, or for an outstanding personal promotion of cooperations between industry, research and teaching.

The honors are being awarded during the annual meetings of the DKG. They are also meant to be reminders of pioneering historic personalities in German ceramics and its society.

The DKG awards a variety of distinctions:

  • Honorary members (since 1920)
    The DKG confers the honorary membership to persons that have made a particularly significant contribution to ceramics and the DKG.
  • Boettger Batch (since 1929)
    The Boettger Batch is awarded to persons who have contributed outstanding achievements in the cooperation between industry, science and training.
  • Seger Batch (since 1929)
    The Seger Batch is being awarded to persons who have contributed outstanding scientific achievements in the ceramic field.
  • The honorary presidency (since 1949)
    A member that has contributed outstanding achievements to the DKG in all regards may be awarded with an honorary presidency.
  • Rieke-Ring (since 1953)
    The Rieke-Ring is being awarded to DKG members who have contributed outstanding achievements to the society with their voluntary work.
  • Hans-Walter-Hennicke Lecture Award (since 1995)
    The Hans-Walter-Hennicke Lecture Award honors the three best lectures of young ceramists of each training year.

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