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Committees and Working Groups

The DKG Specialist Committees (FA), Working Groups (GAK) and Working Committees (GA), Expert Committees and Task Forces

In different expert bodies, DKG members establish the foundation for joint lobbying and research, as well as a knowledge transfer throughout the whole industry. To achieve their goals, they use cooperations with other scientific associations.

Members of the DKG that are represented in different bodies of experts throughout the whole industry, established the foundation for joint lobbying and research. They take care of a knowledge transfer between the different sections by working together with cooperations with other scientific associations.


The DKG Specialist Committees (FA)

  • FA 1&2 - Raw Materials and Basics: The FA focuses on ceramic raw materials and basic research topics.
  • FA 3 - Process Technology: The FA works on an exchange of knowledge about preparation, processing and product development of ceramic materials.
  • FA 4 - Heat Engineering: The FA looks into topics like furnace-installations, debinding, thermal conductivity, fuels and much more.
  • FA 5 - Material Testing: The FA discusses for example the testing of material properties at room temperature and high temperatures.
  • FA 6 - Utilization of Materials: The FA deals with the industrial and practical application of ceramic materials or ceramic products.
  • FA 7 - Training: The FA works on training seminars and refresher courses, dealing with a large number of different topics.
  • FA 8 - History: The FA deals with technical ceramics, from a historic and cultural point of view.
  • FA 9 - DKG publications: Coordination and publication of DKG newsletter, Handbook of Technical Ceramics, and Scientific Ceramic Journal


Working Groups (GAK)

  • GAK Environmental Protection and Workplace Safety: A committee of experts from the industry, analyzing pieces of proposed legislation, at European and national levels.


Working Committees (GA)

  • GA Refractory: The committee dedicates itself to scientific and industrial questions in the area of refractory material and technology.
  • GA Glassy-Crystalline Multifunctional Materials: Material design and modelling, phase formation and microstructure formation
  • GA High Performance Ceramics: Ceramics as a high performance material for special applications in which other materials fail to work.
  • GA Ceramic-Metal Connections: The committee focuses on metal-ceramic connections that are application-relevant. 
  • GA Powder Metallurgy: The committee focuses on the sintering of metals and the specific problems in this context.
  • GA Composite Materials: The committee deals with new applications for composite materials made from ceramic and non-ceramic components.


Expert Committees and Task Forces

  • Expert Group for Ceramic Injection Moulding: The expert group aims at the further development of ceramic injection moulding.
  • Carbon Task Force: The carbon task force (Arbeitskreis Kohlenstoff - AKK) dedicates itself to the exchange of knowledge and information between science and practice.

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