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Young Ceramists Additive Manufacturing Forum (yCAM)

Young Ceramists Additive Manufacturing Forum
Europe Makes Ceramics (EMC) is an initiative of the European Ceramic Society (ECerS) which aims at building a network of young scientists and professionals working in the field of Additive Manufacturing of ceramic materials.
The yCAM conference is the first event organized by EMC and dedicated to young scientists who are developing a career in the field of additive manufacturing of ceramics or are entering this topic.
The yCAM conference covers the main AM technologies applied to ceramics and in particular the following topics:
Type of event Congress
TU Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Technische Universität Berlin
D - 10623 Berlin
Organiser(s) Organized by: EMC
Financed by: ECerS
Hosted by: TU Berlin, FB Keramische Werkstoffe
Supported by: DKG and DKG Szene Additiv
Dates Mar 23 - Mar 24, 2017
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